How Online Check Printing Can Help Business Owners, Bookkeepers, & Accountants

July 29, 2021

How Online Check Printing Can Help Business Owners, Bookkeepers, & Accountants

As the speed of business increases thanks to digital innovation, some things, like paper checks, are quickly getting left behind. The problem is, writing checks may be falling out of favor, but this trusted form of payment still offers advantages other payment solutions miss. 

Online check printing was created as a solution to these problems. It helps fill the technological gap, bringing checks into the era of modern business. If you are an owner, bookkeeper, or accountant tired of writing checks, then keep reading to learn how online check printing can help save you time and money.

What Is Online Check Printing?

Online check printing allows businesses to manage, write, print, and even mail checks from any internet-connected device. Users can log in to schedule recurring payments for vendors, contractors, and suppliers or write one-time checks for customer refunds and other ad-hoc expenses. Typically you will have the option to fill in payment details. 

The online check software will ensure the checks get printed and even mailed to the address of your choice. You will also have the option to fill out the details for any number of checks and print them out yourself using a standard printer and printer paper. 

Common Check Challenges 

Using an online check writing service cuts back on several complaints common with writing checks, including:

  • Keeping your checkbook on you at all times is annoying
  • Writing checks individually wastes time
  • Recurring checks can be difficult to manage
  • Mailing checks add complexity and time to the process
  • Paper ledgers lack security and are hard to keep track of

Online Check Printing Benefits Owners, Bookkeepers, & Accountants Love

What does your current check writing process look like? How much time is spent writing and mailing checks? 

Online check printing solutions can free up time and help streamline the entire payment process, helping build scalable processes for accountants and bookkeepers alike.

Save Money

Costs drive the decisions of most business owners, and checks are no different. Often writing checks is preferred because it costs less than expensive accounting software and automated payment systems. Online check printing services elevate an owner's options and can usually bring overall checking costs down. 

Save Time

When operating a small to midsize business, a single owner or employee typically wears many hats, including bookkeeper and accountant. This could mean check writing by hand is taking up valuable time that may be better spent focusing on the business. By automating recurring payments and outsourcing tedious tasks like licking stamps, online check writing software can help you take back precious time to focus on growing your bottom line.

Increase Security

While easy to place in a drawer, traditional paper checks are not theft-proof, nor are they great for leaving around a busy office or store. Keeping your checking record embedded in a secure online environment may help increase the privacy and security of payments and keep sensitive payment information off your desk and away from prying eyes. 

Improve Payment Flexibility

Online check writing may also help improve the flexibility of how and when you pay. Forget your checkbook when visiting a vendor? No problem, just log in from any internet-connected device to make a payment. It can also help eliminate the need to rewrite recurring payments, letting you set a schedule and forget it, giving you more time to spend on other aspects of your business.

Develop Your Professional Image

Using the writing, printing, and mailing services offered by a professional online check printer may also help keep a consistent look and feel across your payments, potentially elevating your professional appearance among payees. 

Skip the Line at the Post Office

Most online check printing services include the ability to mail your checks to the address of your choice after the check has been written and printed. This can be a huge time-saver for busy business owners that don't want to be stuck waiting at the post office, licking stamps and addressing envelopes.

Is Online Check Printing Right For Your Business?

Every business should carefully weigh the pros and cons of using an online check printing service to ensure the added monthly expense is worth it. But for many small to medium business owners who are still writing checks on a monthly basis, the service will quickly pay for itself in the amount of time and money saved. If you still can't decide, here are some questions you may want to ask yourself.

  • How many checks is my business already writing every month?
  • How much money are we spending on checks, supplies, stamps, and envelopes?
  • Is our tracking and accounting process for checks working well, or could it be improved?
  • What could my employees or I do with their time currently spent writing and managing check payments?

Get Started With Online Check Printing in Just Minutes

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