Our Story

We exist to solve problems using automation, software as a service, and user-friendly websites. This includes making the creation, organization, and payment of checks for small businesses and individuals easier than ever.

Who We Are
We embody the serial entrepreneur mindset. We got tired of wondering where the company checkbook was or only being able to create checks through enterprise accounting programs. Hence, ZoomChecks was born.
Our Mission
Our mission is to delight. We know the creation, payment, and organization of checks is not normally associated with such an emotion, but we strive to make things so easy that, yes, you are delighted.
National Reach
Your checks will be accepted anywhere checks are accepted. Currently, we only service U.S. banks, but check back in with us later.


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Perfect for small businesses, freelancers and individuals

“With ZoomChecks, the handful of trusted folks can create checks and make payments so our remote team can remain nimble and versatile. It's easy."
Dover, DE
“Checks are so easy to create. With our remote team, our key folks can take care of making the payments from where ever they are.”
“We’ve cut admin by at least 20% each week, and win more business because we can produce estimates instantly”
Bird Hardwood

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