How to Handle Making Payments with a Remote Workforce

May 7, 2021

It's becoming clear that a remote workforce is at least partially here to stay. While that has a long list of benefits, sometimes it creates issues for the little things in the day-to-day operations of a business. Paying with checks should not be one of those hurdles.

In the “before times,” check requests were often sent to a central department or person before being approved and created. Fortunately, even before current events advanced the work from home movement, tech companies and banks have made advances that make this process easier.

Work With Your Current Bank

Most banks have already developed their online payment systems. Take advantage of their online tools that allow you to set up automatic or variable payments to your common vendors. By investing a few minutes with your online bank account, you can streamline your payments.

Online Check Creators

Even if you are a technophile making full use of the functions of your online bank account, there is always that occasional time when you need to create and send a good old-fashioned paper check. Don’t worry; there are online providers that have tackled that issue for your distributed workforce.

Yes, you can keep a company checkbook, hand write checks, and put them in the mail. But, who on your remote team is going to keep the old-fashioned checkbook? What if you need to write a check when that person is on vacation (or secretly walking their dog in the middle of the workday)? Online check creators solve this issue.

With providers like ZoomChecks, you can print out your professional custom checks from any computer.  Your team can log on to your company account and create the checks they need where they are. 

The benefits of using an online check creator like this are numerous:

  • Professional customized checks
  • Accepted everywhere
  • No need for special printers or even special check paper
  • Real-time ledger logs every check
  • Saved payee function to make it easy to pay vendors repeatedly
  • Easy integration with most popular accounting platforms

With an online check creator, you can create and print checks with the click of a button. Many of these services can also mail the check for you,  so you don’t even need to stick the check into an envelope and address it. If you calculate the labor costs involved with the old-fashioned way, the small monthly subscription fees more than pay for themselves by cutting back the cost of your most valuable asset —  your time. 

Payment Apps

You can also make payments through the ever-more-popular payment apps. But before you move your entire payment strategy, check on the fees involved when it involves a business payment. While convenient and easy-to-use, the obvious issue with payment apps is making sure the person on the other end can receive the payment from the particular app you have set up.

If you are moving to a remote work team, you have a lot on your plate. Making payments should not be one of them. By taking advantage of the resources already available to you, or signing up for a monthly subscription with an online check creator, you can give yourself and your team the freedom and flexibility to make all of your payments in a professional, organized fashion.